Who am I?



Heyyy Voyageurs! This is Prashanna, a kismetic engineer with introspective thinking, hankering to travel to every corner possible and delineate about it. I started blogging because of my interests in expounding the travel stories with my friends and now that increasing my friends’ list with this blog.
I would like to create a keen interest and love for traveling in people with my blogs. This is because Traveling has brought peace, happiness, and joy to my life, that every human being should also get it. So, my blog will succor your life with travel ideas around adventurous places.
Traveling is a great form of art which will rejuvenate your mind, help you to reinvent yourself, act as a stress buster, to enhance your creativity, and also makes you mentally resilient.
And thus, I am glad that I could help you with my travelogue with various adventurous trips.