Bir Billing

Bir Billing – 7 Exciting Things to Do

Bir Billing
The first view at Bir Billing

Situated in  Joginder Nagar Valley of Himachal Pradesh, Bir Billing is the perfect place for all travellers. Whether you are an adventure seeker, nature lover or even spiritual, Bir Billing has it all!

As the name says, Bir Billing is off to places namely, Bir and Billing. You can get most of your stays in Bir while Billing is just a ride away from Bir. Surrounded by mountains all around, this is a place of serenity, spirituality, adventure and what not!

Things to do in Bir Billing

Being a perfect traveller’s paradise all around the year, Bir Billing can get you excited even while planning for it. Let’s get into some of the best things to do in this Glory of Joginder Valley.

Get Spiritualised at Bir Billing Monasteries

To start with spirituality, Bir consists of a number of Monasteries which are run by monks in such a spiritual manner that you’ll get into it once you enter those Monastries.

You can just sit there for hours and meditate and talk to your soul or engage with the age-old rituals of the monks to feel the peace within. The rituals are sometimes very exciting to watch and hear! Some of the Monastries to visit are :

    • Chokling Monastery
    • Nyingyang Monastery
    • Tsering Jong Monastery
    • Sherabling Monastery
    • Peme Awam Choegar Gyurme Ling Monastery
Bir Billing
Rituals at Bir Billing Monastery

The Adventurous Bir Billing

The best of Bir Billing is its world-famous Paragliding spot which stands best of Asia and 3rd best site in the world. Having been hosted the first-ever Paragliding World Cup, Bir Billing has been making the fantasy of flying for many people at low costs comparatively.

Bir Billing
The Fantasy of Flying

Costing around Rs 1500 for a 15-20 minutes ride and an extra Rs500 for a GoPro video( if needed, to record this as a memory), This is far most cheaper than many paragliding spots in India. While you can also choose packages with longer time period according to your budget.

It will be your best memory of your lifetime and more memorable if you choose it by sunrise or sunset time! You can also paraglide during the winters over the white mass of snow-covered land but just check before planning to be on the safer side.

Apart from Paragliding, Bir Billing also offer an amazing play road for beginner and amateur level Mountain Biking adventure seekers. With the easily available cycle and mountain bikes at lower costs(Rs100-600/hour), you can rent one and climb up the steep roads and check your adrenaline rush while coming down. You can also get bikes on rent starting from Rs 500 to roam around the Bir Billing.

Bir Billing for nature lovers!

Bir Billing also offers some amazing inner peace with its admirable nature. Surrounded by Mountains, sometimes covered with snow to amazing Waterfalls.

Bir Billing
Gunehar Waterfall

There are 2 waterfalls that you can find in the Bir Billing Valley. One is the Gunehar Waterfall which is easy to reach and with less water flowing! The more of a waterfall that can be visited with your family.

The other waterfall is one of it’s kind. Situated deep inside the river covered by thick forests on all sides, the trek to this waterfall is itself an immense adventure with nature!

To reach the waterfall you’ll have to trek against the flowing river deep inside thick vegetation cover from Gunehar Waterfall. It is literally a forest level trek experience that you’ll never forget in your lifetime. The trek is of difficulty level moderate when in a normal season and difficult when nearing the monsoons!

It’s good to take a guide for a safe trek, from the nearby village or the Tea shop near Gunehar Waterfall.

After 40-60 minutes of trek, you’ll see the best that nature can give in every possible way. All you can do is get mesmerized by the view of the Majestic Waterfall flowing with full flow and just remember how blessed you are to witness the maestoso.

Bir Billing
Majestic view of the Waterfall

The Golden hour of Sunset

After a refreshing trek/experience with the forest and river, you can just settle down at Bir landing site. Enjoy the very beautiful play of colours by nature – yes the Sunset! This landing site has an amazing view of the horizon, which is sometimes rare in a valley surrounded by mountains. It will definitely give you the best of the golden hour.

Bir Billing
Colours of Sunset

With the amazing colours of the sunset along with the gliders flying around the mountains is such a great view for the eyes and for the cameras.

Bir Billing
Sunsets of Bir

Cafe Hopping

One most popular experience about Bir Billing is the Cafes and their food. Filled with cafes that provide food from all corners of India gives you the taste of almost all corners. So, if you are a foodie load more cash to give your taste buds a delightful treat.

Meeting new people

Another great experience of Bir Billing is the people you’ll meet! Being a not much remote place Bir Billing receives many travellers and tourists all through the years. This along with staying in hostels will give so much of new friends and memories with them to enjoy the perks of travelling.

The hostel which I stayed and enjoyed the most was TheHosteller which was amazing and cheap for a budget trip like mine. The people I met, the memories made are worth more than anything. So, meet new people, create new friends and make great memories on your trip to Bir Billing by living in hostels.

Transportation to Bir Billing

Bir Billing has many ways of transport of which some are

  • Direct Bus from Delhi to Bir which are quite frequent and good.
  • Bus from Delhi to Mandi and then Mandi to Bir via cab or local bus.
  • Bus from Delhi to Palampur and then Palampur to Bir via local buses which are frequent.
  • Train from Delhi to Pathankot and then cab(around 4 hours) from Pathankot to Bir.
Bir Billing, Palampur
Palampur Bus Stop

The best way of transport will be the direct bus in case of time shortage, While Delhi to Bir via Palampur gives some great views and excitement. I would suggest Buses as quite cheap. Though Trains are cheaper, the cabs are quite expensive if you are on a budget trip.

Best time to visit Bir Billing

The best time to visit Bir Billing for Paragliding would be from the summers of April to June. While Bir Billing also hosts people on Winters from December to March for the Snow Fall and sometimes Paragliding will be available if the weather is good.

So the best time would be throughout the year except for the Monsoons from June to September.

But above all this, the first thing is you have to start planning for it. Start planning and see another part of India.

Do comment your views below if you find it useful. Been there? Comment the experiences I’ve missed at Bir Billing.

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