Kutla – The Himalayan Secret


When you plan for a trip to the Himalayas the first few places that strike your mind will be Kasol, Kheerganga and Rohtang pass and they are very crowded and commercialized making it a little nature unfriendly to get some peace.

The Himalayas is all about treks and peace with mountains and nature but with such crowded places these days its hard to get those. And thinking about which, I found this awesome place to get lost into the wilderness and be with yourself if you go solo.

So let me take you into my first north Indian expedition, the beautiful Kutla.
It is a small village you will find this small village after a trek of 2 hours from Tosh in Parvati valley which is very popular for getting high at high altitudes.

Kutla – Transportation

It’s very easy to get there with public transport owning to its fair frequency to and fro. Starting from Delhi you’ll find a lot of buses to Himachal. But the cheap and best one you will find is Himachal Road transport Corporation because it’s government-run and best because it gives you the feel of Himachal Pradesh, the state of nature.

From Delhi you can take a bus to Kullu which is available frequently and it’ll take you 12-14 hours to reach there. The best part is, if you start at night you’ll start getting into Himachal by early morning with a warm welcoming you among the hills and the lovely river flowing along with you throughout the roads.

Sunrise at Himachal Pradesh
Sunrise at Himachal Pradesh

The electric blue or sometimes blue color of the river with mighty mountains will give you amazing views throughout the way that you’ll fall in love with it.

On reaching Bhuntur, which is just 10kms before Kullu, you can get down and walk a little for like 4-5 minutes you’ll find the local bus stand.
Here, you’ll be able to find buses to Barshaini.

The bus takes around 3 hours from Bhuntur to Barshaini with a view of Mountains with white caps and later the roads become adventurous as you will see them getting narrower where not more than one bus can cross at a time. The fresh and chill air, the mountains covered with snow, with the background music of flowing river, the thrill from the bus ride on the narrow roads and the greenery around you would give you the most beautiful feeling of the nature.

After reaching Barshaini, you’ll get taxis(for 300 which you can share with anyone). Or you can walk along for 30 minutes immersing yourself with the beauty of Barshaini to reach Tosh. The Village of views I would say!

Reaching Kutla

Surrounded by mountains, built over the mountains, and living with the mountains is what tosh is. The small village with amazing people is till where you’ll find network and data. You can just inquire the villagers about Tosh waterfall and move towards it.

Kutla, Tosh
The white-capped mountains

The 2-hour trek to Kutla starts near Tosh Waterfall. Always reach here before it gets dark else it’ll be hard to find the path unless you have someone who already knows the way. Those 2 hours are the real deal, as the path gets steeper and steeper. And is it beautiful? Worth it? Hell yeah!

After 2 hours, you’ll see the beautiful village with very fewer people and great scenery.

The Village – Kutla


Surrounded by mountains, some capped with snow, some with trees and vegetation, Kutla gives you serene stay with the music of water flowing along with the rivers and small waterfalls all day long. You can also get good food there at small cafes in the village. Start exploring the village to get more out of it and enjoy the nature. Don’t forget your winter clothes whatever season it is, because it’s the Himalayas!

Kutla, Tosh

Having a hot cup of tea or Maggi will give you the warmth of the nature cuddling you. Since, all stays will mostly have chimneys to sustain the freezing temperature. For the night you can stargaze for sometime as you are away from the lights of human civilization. Stays offer multi-layered coverings for sleeping to get good sleep.

Buda Van Meadows in Kutla

Buda Van Meadows, Kutla

The next day as the sun gives you some warmth you can start hiking to nearby Buda Van meadows.

Hike to Buda Van Meadows, Kutla
Hike to Buda Van Meadows

Buda Van is literally the no-man land with just some sheep and farm animals grazing.

Buda Van Meadows, Kutla
The land of Serenity

You’ll find a river flowing nearby giving a great treat to the eyes with it’s backgrounds and music. Believe me, this moment, the view, the nature literally brought tears in my eyes! Some experiences are best to be in and I am blessed for that moment.

Buda Van Meadows of Kutla, Tosh
You can see the video of the moment which brought tears by clicking this picture!

You can then stay at Kutla for it’s peace for any number of days or even just live there. But for working people like me, have to leave in a day though no one will want to.

Buda Van Meadows, Kutla
Buda Van Meadows

Best time to visit Kutla?

Kutla will be ready to host you all-through the year, but the snowfall here will amazing if you visit by December end to March.

Buses and routes are easily available and the first part of this blog will explain to you all the details.

Already been to Kutla? Give your views and ideas in the comments below. Not yet, share this to your friends and plan your weekends!


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