Kolli Hills

You are not going to waste this weekend with junk foods, binge-watching or crying self to sleep after reading this!
Get along to make your weekend adventurous and memorable to Kolli Hills!

A ride along the hairpin bends of Kolli Hills would give the contentment that would consume the body and soul of every bike rider. Such will be the ride to the Agayagangai falls of Kolli hills at around 1300 rise above the level of plains.

I would strongly recommend for a bike ride if you are a rider. If you’re from other districts you can get a rental bike from Trichy or Salem or Namakkal. The ride from Trichy along the banks of River Kaveri is a bliss, with greenery all around and fresh air, that comes passing the mighty Kaveri, carrying the bijou droplets of the river giving the feel of a natural air conditioner.

Ever felt the cool breeze smooching you on a 38°C hot noon with the scorching sun smiling broader till ears?
That’s what is the feeling you would get in this bike ride along banks of Cauvery.

An early morning ride with a bracing atmosphere would give you the feel of the countryside ride in the middle of noisy cities.
As you go along the banks of the river, cut into the city halfway around and get back to the journey to the mighty Kolli Hills!

After getting to the hill, starts the venturesome ride with menacing hairpin bends. Not just 10 or 20, but with fricking 70 hairpin bends, Kolli Hills holds the record of having the highest number of hairpin bends in the country.

I mean just look at the map below of the roads to Kolli Hills. So if you are a bike rider, you should have started by now!

Kolli Hils

After reaching the top with amazing memories of mountain bike trekking, there comes the Agayagangai falls! There are 5 more other falls around Kolli Hills but this falls is perennial all around the year and is as majestic as possible.

And yes, you will get those picturesquely green fields all along the mountain bike trek!

Kolli Hills

At the top of the hills, will be the livelihood of a cluster of shops and other, buy something from them whether it helps them or not, you’ll definitely need something to eat after a trek down the rugged way with huge 1200 steps to reach the ever-flowing tremendous falls.

Stop. Get amazed.

And take a refreshing bath in the elixir of medicinal herbs of the forests!

I urge you to look at the top of the hill standing down below the falls, getting that grand vista of the enormous number of tiny droplets falling from apex straight to your head. That moment, that spectacular moment will be worth every kilometer you came for.

After the bath, get ready for another tiresome trek of 1200 steps, while you can eat the things you’ve bought without getting robbed by monkeys! And then Gear up to start back with another tremendous downhill ride, also don’t forget to watch out for wonderful views nearby cities from the top there!

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