An Adventurous trip around Gokarna

Ooty, Kodaikanal, Shimla.. etc etc. These names are the ones which come to your mind for a Hill station trip on a summer vacation.
But There is this place of heavenly beauty just beneath the Land of parties, Gokarna.
Gokarna is a small temple town in Karnataka, frequented by backpackers and tourists for its pristine beaches and rich culture. It is a quieter version of Goa, with lesser crowds thronging the town.

Beaches sandwiched by the mighty green mountains and the infinite blue sea is definitely an alluring scenery with a quiet and calm environment.

Om, Kudle, Paradise, half moon and Gokarna beaches are 5 main beaches to visit most probably via trekking into thick green mountain forests or via boats around them.
Om beach, the most visited of them all, get its name from its shape which resembles ॐ, and half moon is in the shape of a half moon!

Gokarna also gives the best experience of staying with its shacks(a type of small, often primitive shelter or dwelling. like huts) over the beach sands! Yes, this would give you the waking up with a view experience. Namaste Cafe and other hotels near Om and Kudle beaches give a pleasant stay for a peaceful vacation. These rooms will never miss to awe-inspire you with its ambiance and vistas.

The next best place to stay is the Zostel which every backpacker would know! But this Zostel in Gokarna gives an awesomazing view of the Gokarna beach right from the mountain next to it! Sipping a cup of tea with the new friends of Zostel along with the view of infinite blue mat spread all around is definitely a never-to-be-missed bliss ( Check out for availability in Zostel at least a month before).


The foods available here would be a little exorbitant, yet they serve different amazing cuisines. Both Zostel and Namaste Cafe offer a Banquets and beers with a view of its own Gokarna’s beauties. You can get frugal foods at Shacks though.

Some of the main activities to do in Gokarna includes the trek to different beaches along the beaches with divine small temples in between.

Then comes the paragliding against the acoustic waves that run towards the mountains! And then get a bike from a rental near the Gokarna bus stop and take a drive from the beaches to the 16th-century Green paradise called Mirjan fort. This drive will take you through a pulchritudinous village which has a breathtaking view of ponds and agricultural lands alongside the majestic mountains. Every moment of the drive would be picturesque.

This 4-century old Mirjan Fort offers a grand vista of all the agricultural land around it, the Agnashini river flowing tranquillizingly, the palm tree plantations and the viridescent floors of the fort everything is just a panorama to be captured with your eyes. The fort has its own impressiveness with the secret pathways in and around the fort.

Mirjan Fort


A glass of tea or coffee and a talk at Namaste cafe with the view of Om beach is another not-to-be-missed lifetime delightful thing to do with your friends!

And then exploring all the mountains around the beaches is another breathtaking experience which would give you various panoramas of the beaches, mountains, infinite sea and its indignant waves beating up with the mountain bases. Also, hunt for the Shiva Caves which is situated in one of the mountains, the search itself gives its own thrill.
If not bike, take an auto drive from the bus stop to the Kudle beach, which will take you through the streets of Gokarna. Stop for a minute on the way from Kudle beach to Om beach which gives this great picturesque of a beach from a mountaintop.

Gokarna has its own seasons to visit with various people. If you want to enjoy your vacation with gangs of Foreigner, the best months are around October and November. If you are to enjoy solitude and calm, drizzling environment, it’s better to plan your trip around May.

The streets also sell a variety of bongs, chillums, and OCBs except for the weed! XD Look out for artistic walls around the streets of Gokarna.
Don’t obliviate to buy the beach clothes, and other Gokarna traditional outfits from the streets of Gokarna, and also to share this blog, comment on your thoughts about this writing.

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